Clinical Procedure Carts

Mobility. Versatility. Modularity.

Traditional steel carts can be equipped with all standard accessories. While heavier than their aluminum and polymer counterparts, steel carts come at a the most economical price point.

Procedure carts constructed from aluminum are lighter in weight, making carts easier to move when stocked. Aluminum carts allow for greater flexibility in positioning accessories.

Polymer carts are both lightweight and highly resistant to the rigours of the healthcare environment. Rounded corners and Microban antimicrobial protection are infection control friendly.

Carts can be created for many specialty configurations.

Crash carts can be designed the specific needs of your response team, including pediatric applications.

Cast carts are available in all finish types, including stainless steel.

Rover workstation carts are easy to move, have a small footprint & adjustable height work surface.