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Clinical procedure carts are used throughout hospitals — from operating theatres to ERs, medical floors to patient rooms — and have a small footprint for optimum mobility. These mobile carts are highly adaptable to meet specific storage needs.

By having all the necessary supplies and equipment in one place, healthcare professionals can save time and avoid the need to search for items or leave the procedure area to retrieve missing supplies. This can help to improve patient outcomes.

clinical procedure carts
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Construction options for Clinical Procedure Carts


Steel carts are economical. Exterior accessories are mounted via pre-drilled holes.


Aluminum carts are lightweight. Most brands feature a universal accessory mounting system.


Polymer carts are lightweight, highly cleanable and will not chip, dent or scratch under use.


Hybrid carts leverage the design advantage of both aluminum and polymer.

Configuration options

Cart size

Choose the cart height and width that’s best suited for your application.


Tailor the number and depth of drawers to create efficient storage for your supplies.


Dividers and accessories enhance functionality and make procedures more efficient and organized.


High quality directional and total locking casters provide control and stability.

Locking options


Have full confidence of a cart’s contents with a system using serialized plastic seals.

Key lock

The most traditional cart locking method, specific keys are required to open and close cart locks.

Electronic PIN

A cost effective option with multiple, unique codes without the worry of locating keys.

Electronic keypad

Keypads enhance security with features such as auto-relocking, proximity cart access and even WiFi.

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