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Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies such as gowns, gloves, masks, hair and shoe covers are not just for patient isolation. PPE protects staff from hazardous materials, infections organisms and blood borne pathogens.

Since the need for PPE is so widespread, a wide variety of dispenser types, mounting solutions, sizes and configurations to suit every type of situation is critical

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Mounting Options

Wall mount

Dispensers can be hung on a well and even recessed in high-traffic areas.

Door hang

Easy to hang, over-the-door hangers can be used on solid, glass or laminate doors.


Mobile solutions can be repositioned easily when the need requires.


Free standing units can be placed near entryways and waiting areas.

Configuration Options

Single item

Dispensers feature a spring loaded design to accommodate most brands.

Multiple item

Maximize storage and keep a clean working space with more capacity.


Convenient storage and accessibility with either top-exclusive or flow-through dispensing.


Material options such as plastic, metal or wire for any environment and budget.

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