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A range of cabinet sizes and heights provide flexible storage options including those for small or bulky items and even hanging solutions for taller items. Extra deep cabinets accommodate longer items and present a novel lean two-bin approach for protected supply management.

Each cabinet’s interior components such as shelves, baskets, totes, create a modular system that can be configured and reconfigured as needs and supplies change. Specialized accessories like catheter hangers and suture modules provide optimal storage for specific applications.

Featured brands

Construction Options

Aluminum composite

Aluminum composite wraps an impervious material around an interior structure that is durable and infection control friendly.


Polymer (HDPE) won’t rust, dent, peel or delaminate. Microban protection built in to the material keeps surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

Painted steel

Painted steel cabinets have a heat sealed powder coat finish inside and out and feature over 20 colour options.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel construction costs more but is available when the specification requires it.

Door options


Clear doors allow for visibility of what is being stored in a cabinet.


Solid doors keep supplies out of sight and can help deter pilferage.

Roll top

Roll top doors can help to preserve valuable floor space but can be difficult to clean.


Sliding doors are available with select brands and help to save space while providing visibility of supplies.

Accessory options


Shelves can be polymer, metal or wire and are ideal for larger items.


Trays are great for smaller supplies and have seamless construction for easy cleaning.


Wire, polymer and clear basekts increase visbility of supplies and reduce dust accumulation.

Catheter hangers

Catheter modules can accommodate both hanging and boxed catheters.

Suture modules

Suture modules create good access for sutures and smaller boxed supplies.

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