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Top Operating Room Case Carts.

Open case carts are lighter in weight and more cost effective than their closed counterparts. Their open design provides easy access to instruments and improves visibility during transit.

Case carts can be made with common, fully cart-washable components or completely built to suit with all welded construction for minimal water retention.

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Shelf Options for Open Case Carts


Wire shelves minimize dust accumulation, allow for air circulation and greater visibility of stored items.


Solid shelves are easy to wipe, provide a barrier between the floor and bottom shelf and can contain spillage.


Adjustable wire shelves enable quick, tool-free adjustment regardless of design.

Caster Options for Operating Room Mobility

Stainless steel

Stainless steel casters provide easy maneuverability through frequent cart washings.


Maintenance-free thermoplastic casters improve cart handling and reduce overall push/pull force by 32%.

Accessory options

Dolly bases

Dolly bases increase weight capacity and add strength for frequent travel over a variety of surfaces.


Mesh enclosures, dividers, tote box drawers and ledges keep items organized and on the shelves.

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