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Medical Crash carts provide immediate and lifesaving interventions to patients who are experiencing a medical emergency or sudden cardiac arrest.

Easy to maneuver and secure, crash carts contain specific, specialized equipment necessary for a code response including defibrillators, suction pumps, cardiac boards, oxygen tanks, pediatric drawer colour kits, and other critical supplies.

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Crash Cart Construction options


Polymer carts are lightweight, highly cleanable and will not chip, dent or scratch under use.


Aluminum carts are lightweight. Most brands feature a universal accessory mounting system.


Hybrid carts leverage the design advantage of both aluminum and polymer.


Steel carts are economical but heavier. Exterior accessories are mounted via pre-drilled holes.

Crash Cart Configuration Options

Cart size

Choose the cart height and width that’s best suited for your code team and the supplies you need on the cart.


Tailor the number and depth of drawers to create efficient, organized storage for your supplies.


Configure positioning of external accessories to enhance the functionality of your code team.


5th wheel steering systems provide superior maneuverability and assure maximum control during transit.

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