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Fine mesh wire baskets can eliminate the need for plastic bins and offer a customizable interior that can be easily reconfigured as supplies change and accumulate. Adjustable dividers allow for the implementation of lean inventory management practices, such as KANBAN and Par level systems.

Free-standing units are available in single and double sided configurations. Adjustable angle baskets are easily repositioned for easy access and superior ergonomics.

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Mounting options

Wall mount

Cantilever design allows baskets to be mounted to a wall with louvered panels.


Free-standing units can be moved for easy cleaning or room reconfiguration.

Round post

Fine mesh baskets can be integrated directly on to round post shelf units.

Finish options


Hospital-grade chrome enhances durability and longevity without increasing cost.


Thick epoxy finish helps to soften wire ends and eliminate sharp edges.



Multiple divider sizes work together to fit each compartment to the size of your supplies.


Label holders come in an array of types, sizes and colours to quickly identify the supplies you need.

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