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Using common “post & shelf” components, wire carts can be built to practically any size and configuration. Tool-less shelf configuration makes adjusting or removing shelves easy for almost anyone. Weight capacity is also markedly greater than traditional utility carts without the added cost.

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Finish Options


The standard finish for most applications, chrome is clean, durable and promotes airflow.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel can be used in cold or damp applications or when carts may be going through a cart wash.


Polymer carts are corrosion resistant with long warranties. Removable shelf mats are easy to clean.

Configuration Options


One-piece, loop style handles keep hands a safe distance from the cart and improve cart handling.

Drop mat shelf

Drop mat shelves feature a built-in 1″ ledge around all sides to prevent items from falling off shelves.

Adjustable shelves

Tool-less shelf adjustment makes changing shelf heights a snap.


Choose the caster type, size and tread that’s appropriate for your application.

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