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Most often used in cooler or freezer applications, polymer carts are a great alternative to stainless because they offer long, even lifetime, warranties against corrosion. Polymer carts are significantly cheaper than stainless steel but, while they are washable, they cannot withstand the high temperatures of a typical medical cart washer.

Since polymer carts are plastic, there are no sharp wire ends or burrs from welds like you’d find on some wire carts. For that reason, they are ideal for storing wrapped sterile items which, if torn, are no longer considered sterile and must be reprocessed.

Featured brands

Shelf construction

All plastic

Plastic shelves share the same weight capacity as wire shelves.

Plastic + stainless

Plastic shelves with stainless steel corners offer added weight capacity.

Quick adjust

Quick adjust shelves can be moved without the use of any tools.

Shelf types

Open grid

Open grid mats promote air circulation and light penetration.


Solid mats offer retain spills and protect items from dust.


Basket shelves are ideal for IV bag storage.



Mesh enclosures and ledges keep items on the shelves.

Dolly bases

Dolly bases increase weight capacity and add strength for travel.


Choose the appropriate caster for dry, wet or corrosive area use.

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