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Metro Lionville Series medication carts provide solutions with the right technology, power and storage to meet all of your application needs from the pharmacy to point-of-care. Lionville’s patented drawer “grabber” provides assurance that patient drawers that look locked are locked.

AccessRx medication delivery workstations provide solutions to more securely transport and administer medications at the patients’ bedside. Height adjustable, workstation-on-wheels design offers superior ergnomics.

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Drawer options

Patient drawers

Patient drawers come in two widths with face plates for name tags and dividers for organization.

Supply drawers

Supply drawers come in multiple depths to store suppliers and can individually lock for narcotics storage.

Locking options

Key lock

Basic key locks are available and cost effective.

Basic touchpad

Basic touchpad entry supports up to 250 users, auto-relocking and prox cards.

Advanced touchpad

Advanced touchpad entry supports up to 6000 users + additional features such as motion control to prevent cart locking when in use.

Mobile power options

Lead acid

Sealed lead acid batteries are cost effective while providing enough power for a full nursing shift.


Lithium-ion batteries increase battery lifespan with increased reliability and efficiency.

Common accessories

Waste bins

Waste bins are used to dispose packaging and waste quickly.


Integrated water and med cup dispensers help with delivery of oral medications.

Task lights

Task lights improve visbility in low-light environments.


Mount computers, tablets, monitors and other accessories.

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