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Stainless steel equipment includes infusions stands, mayo stands, stools, hampers for disposing contaminated linens, basin stands, specialty cabinets, and receptacles to ensure solutions and waste products are easily collected. Heavy-gauge construction ensures quality, durability, and ease of cleaning for all equipment.

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Finish types

Chrome plated

Chrome plating is cost effective and provides an attractive appearance.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is durable and long lasting but costs more than chrome.

Mayo stand options

Tray size

Trays come in a variety of sizes depending on their intended use and the amount of instruments needed.

Height adjustment

Height can be adjusted via friction lock (by hand) or convenient foot pedal.

Basin options

Single basin

Single basin stands are set at a convenient height for use and can be used for various purposes.

Double basin

Double basin stands allow users to perform multiple tasks without needing to move suppliers from one basin to another.

Kick buckets

Kick buckets help maintain a sterile environment by keeping waste material contained.

Foot stool options


Foot stools can be equipped for extra stability and leverage for the person using it.

Double step

Foot stools with two steps allow for higher reach or vantage point when a procedure might require it.


Certain stools can be stacked to save space when not in use and make for easy transport.


All foot stools come with non-slip surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

Infusion stand options

Height adjustment

IV stands can be adjusted by hand or foot and also feature “bag drop prevention” for controlled descent.

Base style

Bases are avaialble in multiple diameters for stability. Nesting base options save floor space during storage.


Quantity and style of IV hooks can be customized to suit. Offset hooks allow for piggy backing and easier reading of labels.

CuVerro alloy

Bactericidal copper surfaces continuously kill bacteria that can cause infections.

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