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Ranging from lightweight but durable utility tables to adjustable tables designed to straddle an operating table, stainless steel tables are perfect for a variety of applications. All stainless steel construction includes the elimination of sub-tops where undesirable substances can collect.

Specialty, two-tiered back tables are designed with additional room for large cases such as orthopedics, spinal fusions, neuro, and craniotomies. The top cantilever shelf can be angled for better access to instruments and even tucked away when not required.

Featured brands

Work surface options

Type 304 stainless

Type 304 stainless steel provides good protection in corrosive environments.

Type 316 stainless

Type 316 stainless provides increased chemical resistance for repeated use of harsh cleaning solutions.

Phenolic resin

Phenolic resin top options offer increased strength and resistance to impact and abrasion.

Accessory options


Undershelves can be added to any table for added storage capacity.


Backsplashes and top ledges help contain items and keep them on the table.


Drawers can be mounted under table tops for convenient storage of smaller items.

Surface mounts

Swing arms for monitors can be mounted to table tops.

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