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Top Closed Case Surgical Cart options.

Closed case carts provide a barrier of protection against contamination during transportation and storage of surgical instruments and equipment, preventing the spread of harmful microorganisms and reducing the risk of infections. 

Closed case carts can improve inventory management, reduce the risk of lost or misplaced equipment and prevent theft, tampering or unauthorized access to surgical supplies.

Surgical Closed Case Carts
Featured brands

Door types


Polycarbonate clear doors are scratch resistant and allow visibilty of cart contents.


Single panel, solid doors keep cart contents hidden and dirty items contained.

Shelf options for Closed Case Carts


Wire shelves are light-weight, allow for good air circulation and provide good visibility of cart contents.


Solid shelves have fewer tight spaces by design and provide a flat, stable surface for storing supplies.

Pull out

Pull out shelves can help to reduce injury by reducing the need for staff to reach and stretch for supplies.

Caster options

Stainless steel

Maintenance-free, 6″ diameter casters are quiet and easy rolling.


Maintenance-free thermoplastic casters improve cart handling and reduce overall push/pull force by 32%

5th wheel

5th wheel steering caster option on select brands provide maximum control in transit.

Ergonomic options

Cool touch handles

Cool touch handles can be anti-microbial and are cooler to the touch after cart washing.

Status flags

Coloured status flags identify a cart’s status from a distance or amongst the entire fleet.

Biohazard wheel

Biohazard wheels clearly mark whether a cart has been used and comply with guidelines.

Swing up handle

Select brands offer swing up, height adjustable handles for more leverage when steering.

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