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Positive pressure cabinets provide ventilated, clean, cushioned, and dust-free environments for endoscopes. Scope drying cabinets offer automated, consistent, and continuous delivery of HEPA-filtered, pressurized air to keep scopes dry.

Drying units continuously deliver pressurized air into all endoscope channels to keep scopes and their inner lumens dry in order to avoid reprocessing. Drying units can be ordered separately and be field-installed in previously purchased cabinets.

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Construction options

Aluminum composite

Aluminum composite wraps an impervious material around an interior structure that is durable and infection control friendly.

Painted steel

Painted steel cabinets have a heat sealed powder coat finish inside and out and feature over 20 colour options.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel construction costs more but is available when the specification requires it.

Door options


Clear doors offer visibility of what’s currently inside the cabinet.


Solid doors keep equipment out of sight.

Roll top

Roll top doors can save floor space but can be harder to clean.

Accessory options

Scope managers

Scope managers can be doubled up to increase the capacity of a cabinet.

Fan units

Fan units provide active, HEPA-filtered ventilation.

Scope tracking

Scope tracking accessories and hardware are available.

Interior lighting

Dimmable interior LED lights trigger on door open/close

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