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Open wire design minimizes dust accumulation, allows free circulation of air and greater visibility of stored items. Shelves can be repositioned in 1″ increments including using a unique corner release systems that makes changing shelf levels fast and easy without tools.

With a wide range of finish types, shelf sizes, styles and accessories, individual shelf units can be configured to meet virtually any need.

Featured brands

Finish type

Nickel chrome

Chrome finish is clean, durable and the standard finish for most applications.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel can be used in cold or damp applications or when carts will be going through a cart wash regularly.

Epoxy coated

Epoxy coating can be used in cold or damp applications and offers long warranties against corrosion.

Shelf type


Standard wire shelves can flat or sloped andhold a variety of items.


Solid shelves are easily wiped and can help contain spills.


Basket shelves are great for large items & IV bags. Fine mesh baskets can be used for smaller supplies.



Mesh enclosures, dividers and ledges keep items organized and on the shelves.

Dolly bases

Dolly bases increase weight capacity and add strength for frequent travel over a variety of surfaces.


Caster type should always be matched to the application.

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