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Material handling trucks come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet hauling, storing, loading, and unloading needs. They include antimicrobial protection against deterioration, stains, and odors, easy-to-clean shelves, high-end casters for easy maneuvering, lockable lids and doors, metal-free interiors to avoid snags and tears, as well as space-saving nesting and stacking features.

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Configuration Options


Match the dimensions of the truck and where it will travel with a wide range of sizes & capacities.


Choose from up to 8 colours to improve organization, identification and appearance.


Corner mounted casters delivery stability for heavy loads. Diamond mounted casters increase mobility.

Accessory Options

Spring platform

Removable spring platforms rise as items are removed, reducing bending and reaching.


Scale carts eliminate the need to transport materials to a stationary scale and work for loads up to 250lbs.


Shelves can be added to larger trucks and can be positioned vertically or horizontally to create different truck configurations.

Custom graphics

Text, logos and graphics be stencilled on to trucks for easy identification.

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