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Powered, workstations on wheels provide an ergonomic solution to caregivers, a flexible platform for IT and a reliable long term asset for healthcare facilities. Workstations are easily configurable and can adapt to changing clinical and IT requirements.

From powered, monitor and computer workstations to simple, non-powered units, workstations offer ultimate user comfort, convenience and flexibility – each delivering better patient experiences though streamlined and easy-to-maneuver design.

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Design elements


Advanced Li-Nano batteries have a run time of 13 hours over 5000+ cycels.


Antimicrobial treated surfaced protect against the proliferation of degrading bacteria.


Field-upgradeable options allow carts to adapt as your needs change


Workstations, keyboards and monitor mounts are designed to adjust to the caregiver.

Configuration Options


Choose from single or double monitors that raise, lower, tilt, swivel and rotate.


Keyboard trays offer the widest range of ergonomic adjustment available.


Equip carts with a range of accessories including drawers, baskets, sharps containers and more.


Even documentation stations can include a stable, height adjustable platform to work from.

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