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Stainless Steel Medical Utility Carts

Perfect for applications where corrosion resistance, work surface or spill protection is required (e.g. humid or wet areas, washer, freezers, kitchens), solid stainless steel (type 304) is a popular material used in medical spaces. 

With features such as a raised ship’s edge on shelf sides and embossing on the bottom, stainless steel shelves can easily contain spills and allow for air circulation.

Stainless Steel Medical Utility Carts Canada
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Stainless Steel Utility Cart Construction Options

Angled leg

Angled leg carts offer stability and support.

Post & shelf

Customize cart size using a wide range of off-the-shelf post & shelf sizes.


All-welded carts offer unmatched strength, durability, can be built to any spec and be cart washed.

Shelf Options


Solid shelves are smooth and easily wiped.


Wire shelves are strong, durable and promote airflow.


Adjustable shelves optimize capacity by customizing height beween shelves.


Galvanized shelves can be a cost effective option to contain spillage.

Accessory Options

Push handles

A variety of push handle styles provide comfortable, natural grip.


Ledges can be added to any shelf to help contain items.


Match caster type, size and tread to suit the utility cart’s application.

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