Clean, Closed Storage

Our versatile portfolio of closed storage solutions provide high density and secure storage, customizable to fit your needs.

Polymer cabinets offer maximum modularity and infection control friendly design. Smooth, rounded corners make cleaning easy. Mircoban protection keeps surfaces cleaner between cleanings.

Aluminum frame cabinets keep even large units maneuverable. Multi-material construction supports infection control goals, combats dents, dings, scratches and print marks.

Painted steel cabinets offer a wide array of colour options. Using the tightest accessory spacing available can increase interior storage capacity up to 30%.

HEPA filter equipped scope cabinets come in multiple sizes and capacities. Available internal channel drying options help meet infection control recommendations.

Multiple finish types for both case work and mobile units are available including stainless steel.

Adaptable design allows components to be integrated into both casework and mobile work centres including procedure carts. Interchangeable components provide flexibility for changing needs.