Surgical Case Carts

No two customers are alike. Nor should be their case carts.

Closed case carts keep instruments & supplies protected on the way to and from the operating room. Closed carts can be off-the-shelf or built to suit.

When dedicated clean and dirty travel routes are in place open case carts offer a lighter weight and greater visibility when moving tall carts.

Open case carts can also be constructed using fully cart washable, stainless post & shelf components. This style of cart can be a good cost-effective option.

Engineered thermoplastic, maintenance free caster options are rated to 280 degrees Farenheit and reduce the overall push/pull force  required to move a cart by 32%.

Closed carts can be equipped with a number of accessories include lockable, roll-out solid or wire shelves.
Ask us about cart options that are cool to the touch right out of the cart wash.