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Benefits of Bundling Healthcare Storage Products with One Brand


Hospitals and private medical clinics across Canada face the ongoing challenge of selecting the right supplies to meet the needs of their staff while also enhancing patient care, all within budget constraints. This means procurement officers often have to weigh options from various manufacturers and suppliers of medical carts, shelves, bins, medication management systems, and storage solutions. It’s a complex process that requires thorough research, strategic planning, and collaboration with stakeholders to make informed purchasing decisions that benefit both staff and patients alike.

Standardization on a common product is common in our industry. For some products it has its benefits. As the premier provider of healthcare storage solutions in Western Canada, we don’t believe in trying to standardize on a single cart design across a variety of applications. But there can be advantages to standardizing on a single, high-quality brand. In this article, we’ll not only explain why but how such an approach can ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders and make everything a whole lot easier.

Key Advantages to Purchasing Healthcare Storage Units and Solutions from One Brand Over a Piecemeal Alternative

Bundle Pricing

Are you looking for a medical storage solution on a budget? If so, you might have assumed that securing certain types of products solely from a premium brand like Metro wasn’t in the cards. As a result, your procurement officer may have picked one or two of their crash carts or wire shelving units and left other purchase opportunities on the table. 

From there, they might have resorted to a mission of selecting less than ideal items from lower-cost and lower-quality brands to fill in the gaps. This compromise is obviously far from ideal for both staff and patients.

The good news is that the innate benefit of bundling can put an end to this piecemeal way of thinking. Your facility can leverage buying power of larger projects and get better pricing on premium brands that may normally be too expensive if you’re just buying a few items at a time. Metro is the best-in-class when it comes to offering flexible pricing on larger volume purchases. This is even more true when working with a brand partner such as Forsyth Healthcare. As a Metro partner, we make sure you get the best deals on these top-notch medical storage solutions.

Scaleable Interchangeability Across Equipment

The biggest drawback of piecemeal purchasing in building a fleet of healthcare storage units (and related supplies) is the lack of standardization. You might end up with carts, shelves, and parts that don’t quite work well for a specific application, leading to inefficiencies and delays both in setting up and in day-to-day operations. But when combined with our expertise and approach not only is stakeholder satisfaction ensured, facilities enjoy consistency in how carts operate, how shelving is configured, and benefits from how a wide number of accessories can be interchanged if and when desired. This advantage also allows your hospital or clinic the option to scale-up or scale-down as needed.

Bonus: Branding

While cost-efficient pricing and scalability are the most important advantages of bundling, an aspect that can be relevant in certain healthcare environments is branding. When bundling storage solutions from a single brand, you can ensure a uniform look and feel, and even select from colour and material options that can be tailored to match your facility’s aesthetic.

This consistency helps project a professional image and create a cohesive environment, factors which can boost patient confidence and even staff morale.

This said, we understand that at the end of the day, branding is a lesser consideration and that your top priorities are quite simply that any solution is functional for your needs, and that you’ll have peace of mind knowing both products and services will be supported. Both of which we’re proud to ensure here at Forsyth Healthcare.

Important Caveat

It’s worth mentioning that standardization isn’t always the best approach for every type of medical storage solution. For example, you might not find specialized procedure carts available from a single manufacturer, or you may be looking for supplies for a critical care area where specialization is needed. Whatever the case may be, with Forsyth Healthcare you can get many of the benefits of bundling without having to tie yourself to a single brand. 

Ready to enjoy the benefits of bundling storage solutions for your healthcare facility? Schedule a free initial consultation with Forsyth Healthcare today by calling (236) 477-8764 or by completing this form for a quick response.

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