Harloff: transitioning to the M- & A-series


Harloff has been in the business of manufacturing carts and cabinets for over 70 years. For the past 35 years, their Classic Line of acute care procedure carts has largely gone unchanged.

One of the key differentiators with Harloff brand carts is their ability to build to suit, no matter how unusual the request. As the Classic line expanded over its lifetime certain limitations began to present themselves. The need to evolve the line resulted in the creation of two new lines of acute care carts: the M-series & the A-series.

Amongst the key improvements the new M- and A-lines bring are:

  • The base carts have been redesigned from the ground up. Overall they are sturdier, better built carts.
  • Faster lead times & capability to fulfill larger orders quickly.
  • More customizable than ever before with a wider array of accessories available.
  • Larger drawer sizes offer a 7% increase in capacity.
  • An improved SKU system that better identifies model characteristics for easier ordering.
  • Modern day aesthetics & a wide choice of colours.
Want a purple cart? Harloff can make it.

Customers can now choose from:

  • Three different cart widths
  • Four cart heights
  • Four drawer sizes (3, 6, 9 & 12”)

M-series or A-series, which one do I choose?

The main difference between the M- & A-series is the material used for construction. M-series are steel carts. A-series feature aluminum construction. Since they are aluminum A-series carts weigh 20-30 pounds less than M-series carts on average. This makes them easier to push and manoeuvre during transport. A-series carts also feature wider drawer pull handles.

If improved ergonomics and easier transport are important to what you’re looking for A-series is a good fit.

If budget is more of a concern you can feel confident in the trusted design of the M-series. 

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