Procurement in healthcare is a crucial job that ensures healthcare providers have what they need to provide top-quality patient care. This process is also essential for making things more efficient for the often-overworked nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

When procurement personnel have the resources they need, the job of outfitting renovation and redevelopment projects runs much smoother. But often, large medical facilities in Western Canada only have a small team handling all the buying. This can cause problems in the supply chain and affect patient care.  The tides have started to turn on how procurement investment is considered, especially in light of the supply chain disruptions that accompanied the more recent global healthcare crisis:

“The unprecedented demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, tests kits and vaccines meant the focus of procurement in healthcare could no longer be on cost reduction. Instead, the manufacturing and supply of essential healthcare products had to be about increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and aligning with global healthcare needs.” (Procurement Magazine)

Decision makers within healthcare organizations are constantly stretched thin, both in terms of time and resources. A solution to these challenges needs to both increase efficiency and deliver ROI, and while hiring more procurement staff may well help move the needle somewhat, investing in a relationship with a storage partner with proven project management expertise just might be the most effective way to go. At Forsyth Healthcare, we ease the workload of all stakeholders thanks to our project management services for hospital storage solutions, and the fact that we partner with all of Canada’s top medical storage solution brands, not just one or a few, means that we’re without bias or agenda when it comes to selecting the right products. We simply find the best solutions for each project. Read on to learn more about why you should consider Forsyth Healthcare for your storage needs.

3 Reasons Why BC and Alberta Hospitals and Large Medical Facilities Should Choose Forsyth Healthcare’s Project Management Services for Supply Storage 

Expertise in Medical Supply Storage Systems

Just like the patient-care professionals in the facilities they serve, procurement staff are under constant strain in large part because they’re stretched thin over several procurement projects. To empower procurement staff, secure a partner who has true and proven expertise in scalable hospital supply storage solutions. Forsyth Healthcare is that expert. For us, it’s not about completing a sale and then moving on: rather, we’ll take the lead on creating a customized strategy and ensure that projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

Partnerships with Canada’s Top Medical Storage Solution Systems

Forsyth is the go-to source in Western Canada for premium brands specializing in medical carts, shelves, bins, medication management systems, and closed storage solutions. This ensures that you not only receive your choice of high-quality products but also benefit from competitive pricing and customizable options that hospitals would struggle to find elsewhere, all from a single source with no allegiance to one brand or another.

Our partnerships include the following brands:

MetroMetro Lionville
Metro LifelineMetro StarSys
BlickmanBowman Dispensers
BussardWaterloo Healthcare
CygnusH+H FlexShelf
Liberty Workspaces Meese
MPD Medical SystemsTechStar Plastics Inc.
Quantum Medical Pacific Medical Specialities
Piedmont PlasticsPedigo
Akro-MillsOther (contact to inquire)

Top-to-Bottom Project Management Service

Our expertise in medical supply storage systems and access to Canada’s leading brands are crucial to how we make life simple for healthcare providers, however, what truly sets Forsyth Healthcare apart as your procurement project manager of choice is our unwavering dedication to end-to-end client service. This commitment ensures everyone’s job will be that much easier. Your hospital will benefit not only from our pedigree in medical supply room storage and organization but our assistance with renovations and remodeling of storage spaces. Not to mention that our helpful team will make sure all stakeholders get exactly what they need by assisting right from the start with specifications, and all the way through to product and equipment assembly, providing a turnkey service that takes care of unpacking and putting carts into service quickly. Our expert team has helped several large healthcare facilities across BC in this capacity, including BC Cancer, Royal Columbian and Vancouver General Hospital. Finally, our project management services factor in your budget constraints.

Schedule a free initial consultation about project management for your hospital’s storage solutions. Call Forsyth Healthcare at (236) 477-8764 or complete this form for a rapid response.

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