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Improving Medical Storage: The A-Series Aluminum Medical Carts by Harloff


When we meet with hospital staff to talk about their storage needs, our first question is always: “What would help you work more effectively?”. We believe in finding solutions that benefit everyone involved—the patient, the practitioner, and management alike. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the A-Series Aluminum Medical Carts by Harloff. These carts stand out for their exceptional quality, thoughtful design, and versatility.

Here is a review of features and benefits that make the A-Series a favourite among healthcare professionals.

Harloff A-Series Medical Carts: Optimizing Healthcare Workflows

Modular Design

Much like the popular M-Series line, A-series carts allow full customization. With the A-Series, you have the freedom to choose the cart’s height, width, drawer configuration, color scheme, and locking mechanism—tailoring it precisely to your needs. This level of customization empowers healthcare professionals to optimize their workflow and create a storage solution that perfectly aligns with their specific requirements.

Essential Cart Details:

Lightweight, Aluminum Construction: Aluminum carts offer a significant advantage over their steel counterparts—they can be up to 30% lighter. This reduction in weight makes the carts much easier to push and maneuver, providing healthcare professionals with greater ease and efficiency in their daily tasks.

Self Closing Drawer Slides: Self-closing drawer slides in the A-Series carts ensure that drawers close completely, even if they’re not pushed all the way in. This feature helps keep supplies clean and safe by preventing drawers from accidentally being left partially open. It adds an extra layer of security and organization to the cart, ensuring that supplies remain protected and readily accessible when needed.

Full Width Handles: Sleek, full width handles provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip when opening and closing drawers. Their streamlined design minimizes crevices and grooves where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, making them simple to wipe down and sanitize. 

Drawer Configurations: With the A-Series, you have the freedom to choose not only the number of drawers but also how they’re arranged. Whether you need fewer, larger drawers for bulky equipment or multiple smaller drawers for organizing smaller items, this flexibility empowers you to optimize the cart for storing a wide range of supplies, tools, and medications. Every inch of storage space is utilized efficiently, streamlining your workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

  • 4 height options: extra short (34”) to tall (43.75”)
  • 4 drawer sizes: 3”, 6”, 9” and 12”
  • 3 width options: mini, medium and full size

      Locking Styles: A-Series prioritizes security with its array of locking options. Whether you prefer the simplicity of key locks or the enhanced security and access control provided by electronic keypad locks, the A-Series has you covered.

      Accessories and Add-ons: A-Series carts can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and add-ons to enhance their functionality, helping to optimize workflow and organization.

      Durable and Elegant Construction 

      Colour Combinations: The A-Series provides the widest range of colour options for both the cart body and drawer fronts. Colour coding makes for easy identification or a coordinated look to complement your facility’s overall design.

      Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic side push handles help make maneuvering the cart effortless.

      Sleek Finish: A heat-sealed, scratch-resistant powder coat finish keeps the carts looking pristine. Unique customizations like wood vinyl drawer fronts can be added for a more refined look.

      Quiet Mobility: Industry-best,5” quiet rolling Tente® casters ensure smooth movement across any floor surface. Different caster sizes are available to suit your application.

      The most important thing in healthcare is having equipment available that suits the needs of your team and how they function as a unit.

      Contact us if you have questions about the Harloff A-Series Medical Carts or other healthcare storage solutions.

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