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Benefits of Wire Carts in Health Facilities in Canada


Wire carts and mobile shelving units are commonly used in a variety of organizational settings across Canada. They can be found in warehouses, commercial storage rooms, office spaces, educational institutions, and the hospitality sector. 

One arena where wire carts may support efficiency and productivity more than any other is within the realm of healthcare. If you’re responsible for equipment procurement for a hospital, medical research center, private clinic, or other related facility, we encourage you to consider the benefits of wire carts, which we have detailed below. They are versatile and useful in virtually every healthcare application, critical care areas and clean supply rooms included. Let’s review.

Top 5 Advantages of Investing in Premium Wire Shelving for Your Hospital or Medical Facility in Canada


The open design of the wire cart brands carried by Forsyth Healthcare offers greater visibility, easy identification of materials, and instant access to stored items. Staff won’t have to open and close drawers and compartments to find, retrieve, and replace what they need when they need it. This can positively impact patient care in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 

Clean Design 

Wire shelving is not only dust free, it is also non-porous and non-shedding which is in line with the CSA standards for storing clean and sterile supplies. In comparison, painted and wood shelving are neither non-porous and non-shedding.


The benefits of mobile wire carts over stationary options in a healthcare environment are really centred around their utility. They give you mobility and flexibility to repurpose or reorganize storage rooms and spaces without the need to unload supplies from stationery storage units. 

When selecting mobile wire carts, we recommend choosing a premium wheeling system. Look for resilient rubber wheel material, strong swivel casters, lock brakes, and features such as donut bumpers to prevent damage to walls and other equipment. 


Adjustability - Benefits of Wire Carts in Health Facilities

At Forsyth, we provide multiple options for wire carts to accommodate your unique storage needs. The brands we carry offer a variety of options and accessories that improve usability and accessibility for your staff. , and can be constructed to suit your space.  

For example, Metro wire carts (sold in Canada through Forsyth Healthcare) feature Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelf construction, making units easy to assemble with absolute rigidity. This patented design also makes height adjustments of shelves quick and easy without the need for tools.  Hence, as your inventory needs change over time, you can rapidly reconfigure the shelves and still make the most of your storage space. 

Forsyth also provides unconventional options for wire carts. For instance, some storage rooms can benefit from wire carts that fit into the corners. For these cases, traditional wire carts won’t work. Thanks to our partnership with brands such as Wanzl and Quantum Medical, Forsyth can customize carts that fit into unique spaces with corner-wire shelving.

Adaptability (Multipurpose in a Healthcare Environment)

Wire shelves are great for larger and flat-bottomed items and products that are packaged in sturdy boxes (bandages, meds, cotton swaps, etc.) but what about other items? The last thing you want to do is come up with some makeshift solution to store smaller or uniquely packaged supplies. The majority of med/surg supplies do not fit easily on a standard wire shelf without the use of a bin or container. Different shelf types exist to accommodate these items. Basket shelves can hold bulky items and IV bags. Fine mesh supply baskets can hold smaller med/surg supplies without the need for shelf bins or corrugated cardboard boxes. 

Forsyth Healthcare uses wire cart brands that “work with” supplementary storage solutions. Our wire carts can be outfitted with wire ledges, hospital-grade wire baskets, and plastic totes complete with translucent shelf liners to prevent small items from falling through wire shelves. Lastly, load capacities for wire carts can go as high as 2,000 lbs, making them ideal for some of the heavy-duty needs of a healthcare environment.

Benefits of Wire Carts Canada

Hospitals and larger medical centers can use wire carts for more than medical supplies. The advantages we detailed above also make these mobile storage units appropriate for use in hospital cafeterias, staff lounges, executive offices, and server rooms. 

Facilities can get long-term performance when they choose premium adjustable wire carts that have been manufactured with industrial strength coating (which may feature solid stainless steel, chrome, or epoxy) paired with a high-quality wheeling system. 

At Forsyth Healthcare, we will help you get the most out of your storage areas with great solutions like wire carts and other essential products. View more on our line of wire carts, and contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

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