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Meet the Gold Standard of Crash Carts 


Crash carts are mobile storage units that contain critical medications and supplies used to treat patients in emergency rooms (ERs) and departments (EDs) within healthcare facilities. To be effective, crash carts must adhere to a substantial set of best practices and hospital guidelines for patient safety, reduced supply waste, cost-efficiency, staff onboarding, co-utilization of staff between sites, and improved patient outcomes. There is nothing basic about this mobile storage solution. Knowing this, hospitals, clinics, and private practices spend considerable time searching for the best medical crash cart supplier in Canada. 

If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Forsyth Healthcare ensures that procurement personnel are able to access premium quality crash carts that suit all custom requirements. Here’s a helpful breakdown of why your medical facility should choose Forsyth when purchasing crash carts for emergency environments.

Why Healthcare Facilities in Canada Choose Forsyth Healthcare for Their Crash Cart Needs

Optimized Mobility

ER/ED staff must be able to move crash carts very quickly and confidently without concern of compromise to contained supplies, staff, and patient safety. These mobile storage units must be sturdy, fastidious, and speedy. This  comes down quite simply to quality wheel and caster construction. While we elaborate on construction below, it’s important to separate wheels and casters from the discussion because they’re so important to mobility needs. 

We’ve carefully handpicked crash cart manufacturers that understand the importance of antistatic rubber wheels and casters. For instance, two-braking casters are now standard on all Harloff crash carts, while their ball-bearing premium casters offer full swivel capability. And not to be outdone, InnerSpace also has heavy-duty, 5-inch full-swivel ball bearing casters with steel plates and frames in 2-locking, 1-directional, and 1-swivel solutions. We pay close attention to all of these details so you don’t have to.

Superior Crash Cart Construction

Many ERs/EDs need steel powder coat construction for confidence, while others prefer lightweight aluminum for expediency. Polymer is also lightweight, but has the added benefit of being easier to clean and way more durable than painted aluminum or steel. Whatever the case is, your facility won’t have to sacrifice any desired function for quality because Forsyth has chosen to work exclusively with medical brands that only use the best materials used in the construction of crash carts. Your facility, staff, and patients will benefit from sturdy, unibody construction, stabilizing pontoon bumpers, ball-bearing full-extension drawer slides, and more. Once you contact us, we’ll review the construction benefits that apply to your specific crash cart requirements, leading us to the next important consideration.

Custom Crash Cart Solutions

Although long-winded, the NLM’s emergency department crash cart (EDCC) research summary concluded with the most important qualifier, that the. The best medical crash carts are customizable. Here’s the full text:

“Our systematic review highlights a striking paucity of literature describing the contents of a comprehensive EDCC that can be applicable to critical scenarios in both the pediatric and adult populations […] Suggestions for the EDCC contents help enhance the level of response of EDs in the resuscitation of adult and pediatric populations, and encourage the implementation of and adherence to the latest evidence-based resuscitation guidelines. As resuscitation guidelines change and technologies advance, the EDCC contents will also require modification. We hope that patient care areas other than the EDs would also benefit from these suggestions, and can customize their crash carts according to their needs.” (National Library of Medicine)

Forsyth Healthcare is dedicated to this, ensuring that the brands we choose have manufactured crash carts that are based on user-centred research and design approaches.

We know that every clinic has unique crash cart requirements, whether constrained by tight spaces, staffing changes, budget adjustments, or another factor. We ensure that hospitals, clinics, and facilities have access to customizable options and accessories for their crash carts. Our products come with multiple drawer and drawer-slide set-ups, varying locking mechanisms, height adjustments, accessory mounts, side baskets, antimicrobial surfaces, protective bumpers, and more. You have instant access to a full suite of configurations and dimensions that account for your emergency environment’s distinctive needs. There are even multiple body colour options to accommodate the aesthetic of your ER/ED spaces, which has proven to help ease staff and patient stress levels.

Full Assembly

Although crash carts come assembled, they do have external accessories to attach. Getting the assembly right can be more daunting for someone that is not experienced in doing so. The team at Forsyth makes it easy, by providing a turnkey service that takes care of unpacking and putting carts into service quickly. Our expert team has helped several large healthcare facilities across British Columbia, including BC Cancer, Royal Columbian and Vancouver General Hospital.

Contact Forsyth Healthcare to discuss crash cart solutions (and warranties) related to your budget. We are here to answer any questions you may have and will find a solution that works for your unique needs.

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