Healthcare Wire Cart Finish Types | Why it Matters


Wire carts are like the unsung (equipment) heroes of hospital and medical facility supply storage and transport. The wire construction makes sure things stay clean by minimizing dirt and dust accumulation. Plus, wire carts (and baskets/racks) are easy to clean, which keeps the integrity and hygiene of medical supplies intact. 

But not all wire carts are created equally. The type of finish they have is a big deal, not just for maintenance and longevity but for patient outcomes too. 

This is why we work with manufacturers who offer only the best in wire cart finishing. Here’s a breakdown of why wire cart finish types are so important in a medical facility, and why you can always trust our team at Forsyth Healthcare for your procurement needs.

Advantages of Wire Cart Finishing Options Made Available in Canada Through Forsyth Healthcare

Wire Carts with Chrome Finish

Healthcare Wire Cart Finish Types Canada - Chrome

Nickel chrome is the go-to wire cart finish for storing clean and sterile medical supplies. It meets CSA standards, is non-porous, and non-shedding. Chrome and chromate (similar looking and more economical but less durable) are great for places with dry or low humidity environments.

Great examples of chrome finished wire carts come from Wanzl/TSS, like their Chrome Wire & Solid Galvanized 3-Shelf Utility Cart, which is an on-the-go storage unit that’s perfect for moving and storing items. It’s got chrome wire shelves and is also complemented by a solid galvanized steel shelf, along with convenient u-handles, donut bumpers, and swivel casters (two with breaks). Another standout is the Metro SP Series (2-shelf and 3-shelf) Utility Carts with Chrome Wire Shelves, which consists of wire shelves with plastic split sleeves, one-piece handles, donut bumpers and polyurethane casters with plated caster horns. 

Not sure what’s best for your needs and budget? Contact Forsyth Healthcare and we’ll help you keep the procurement process simple and easy.

Wire Carts with Stainless Steel Finish 

Healthcare Wire Cart Finish Types Canada - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a hard-working and multi-faceted finish for wire carts. It combines durability and the power to resist corrosion in those wet, cold and humid medical environments. We know hospital and lab shelving can be constantly exposed to chemicals and solutions, so corrosion resistance can be an important aspect of making life easier for healthcare providers.A great example of a stainless steel finished wire cart that works for many needs includes the Metro SP Series (2-shelf and 3-shelf) Utility Carts with Stainless Steel Wire Shelves. These carts have all of the coveted ‘bells and whistles’, like wire shelves with plastic split sleeves, one-piece handles, donut bumpers, and polyurethane casters with polymer caster horns and stainless axles. And its Super Erecta Shelf construction makes assembly a breeze and lets you move those shelves around quick and easy.

Wire Carts with Epoxy Coated Finish 

If you’re on the lookout for a wire cart with more robust antibacterial protection, look no further than epoxy-coated wire carts. Like polymer, epoxy-coated wire units include Microban protection and come with a 12 year warranty. Epoxy-coated wire is the budget-friendly cousin to stainless steel for applications where it may work. 

One of our favourite design elements of Metroseal epoxy-coated wire is the zinc substrate which helps protect the steel against rust in weld areas and promotes a stronger bond between the powder coat to the steel (as compared to bare steel alone).

Contact Forsyth Healthcare to discuss stainless steel finished wire cart options based on your budget and facility requirements.

Wire Carts with Polymer Finish

Healthcare Wire Cart Finish Types Canada - Polymer

Much like the versatility of stainless steel, polymer finish steps up its game by not only providing corrosion resistance (perfect for those damp, chilly, and humid medical settings) but also including a lifetime corrosion warranty (stainless steel has a one-year warranty). And here’s another important note: the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requires shelving to be free from burrs and sharp edges. Wire shelves do have a bit of that inherent edge, but polymer eliminates most of these concerns and is good for storing wrapped items like instrument trays without the risk of tearing. 

Let’s talk examples. Polymer composition shelf mats with their modular design allow easy removal for cleaning, and they boast a vented open grid surface that’s both smooth and crevice-free. It will never dent, chip, rust, or corrode. This particular option is medium-duty with 400 lb capacity shelving with adjustable levelling feet to compensate for those uneven floors. Plus, this MetroMax product offers tool-less assembly thanks to snap shelf clips that work around posts to enable shelves to be slid-in and locked into place. Easy.

Curious to dive into the polymer-cart world? Contact Forsyth Healthcare to chat about your needs and budget.

Why Choose Forsyth Healthcare for Your Wire Carts Purchase

We trust our breakdown of wire cart finishes gives you some food for thought in figuring out the perfect fit for your facility. Of course, we get that you likely have many more questions and concerns around shipping, customization, and budgetary considerations. This is where Forsyth Healthcare stands out above the rest when it comes to the procurement of medical carts. We’re here to take the guesswork and hard work (assembly, etc.) off of your hands so that you can put your investment to immediate use to the benefit of your staff and patients. 

Contact us today for a friendly conversation about your needs.

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