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Medication Management Systems by Lionville 


As defined by the National Library of Medicine, there are five stages of the medication management process. These include the following:

  1. Ordering/prescribing
  2. Transcribing and verifying
  3. Dispensing and delivering
  4. Administering
  5. Monitoring and reporting

It’s the stages of dispensing and delivering (C) and administering (D) along with storage that Forsyth Healthcare’s medication management product category is known for across Canada.  Forsyth has carefully curated partnerships with leading manufacturers of storage + productivity products that employ advanced materials and technology to ensure our clients and customers (you) get the right equipment for your healthcare facility’s physicians, staff, and patients. When it comes to medication management systems, Metro and its Lionville series of medication carts are a standout. 

Below is a succinct breakdown of why your hospital, clinic, or medical facility should secure Lionville carts through Forsyth Healthcare.

Why Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Facilities in Canada Should Invest in Lionville Medication Management Carts for 2023-24 and Beyond

Lightweight Yet Strong Design

The lightweight aluminum construction of Lionville systems makes it easy for staff and handlers to effectively move and transport the cart/s through your facility as safely and quickly as required. This feature does not come at the sacrifice of strength and stability – quite the contrary. Lionville carts are finished with a scratch-resistant powder-coat finish, a polymer molded top, and a wrap-around base bumper with full-height corner bumpers.

Powerful Exchange System

Medication Management by Lionville

The Lionville cassette exchange system provides staff with optimized control to manage patient medications ubiquitously. Cart drawers accommodate robotic clinic and pharmacy systems, a wide variety of unit dose packaging, multi-dose styles, bulk medications, and medical narcotics. Large patient drawers come in two widths (5-inches and 7.5-inches) and boast interchangeable clear face plates to hold identification tags. Meanwhile, divider channels permit drawers to be segmented. The system features a distinguishing design with universal-fit, allowing clinics and hospitals to interchangeably utilize the cassettes throughout their entire fleet. 

Advanced Touchpad System

The Lionville touchpad system takes medication management to the next level. The touchpad system comes available in three options: Basic, Advanced, and Advanced Wireless. Logically, the Advanced system is the most robust, featuring the following:

  • Allows up to 6,000 users
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Controls up to 3 optional electronic-locking controlled substance drawers and auto-re-locking (more on security below)
  • Motion sensor to prevent cart from locking while in use
  • Proximity card reader capable
  • USB port for data exchange (PC)
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Optional software available for programming and audit reporting  

Medication Management Lionville


Security is mission-critical when it comes to medication management systems. Lionville cart security systems feature a front access control panel with a key lock and a colour-coded re-lock handle within easy reach. Lionville’s patented drawer grabber locking system provides peace of mind that patient drawers are locked, and perhaps just as importantly – look locked! Optional security features include electronic keyless entry with or without Autolock in addition to keyed or keyless double lock for narcotics.

Custom Configurations

No hospital, clinic, facility, or pharmacy is the same, so cookie-cutter solutions for medication management simply won’t do. Once again we find why Lionville carts are most appropriate to your healthcare environment. Systems come in a range of sizes, and each can be configured to account for patient requirements. Flexible design allows for a variety of user-defined options that can be integrated into the cart, such as medical cup dispenser storage, glove box holders, wells, tilt outside bins, and concealed waste receptacles. Consequently, carts may be appropriate for bedside application for just a few patients all the way through to high-capacity scenarios to serve as the main medication storage hub.

Moreover, Lionville medication management systems consider the small but important touches that private clinics generally care about. For instance, drawer pulls come available in five colours to consider clinic decor and/or differentiate carts from others without having to read labels and tags.

Custom configuration is the final piece of the puzzle to build confidence that Lionville carts belong in your medical environment.

Start customizing your Metro Lionville medication management carts today with Forsyth Healthcare.

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