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Mobile Workstations for Healthcare 


The proliferation of digital transformation in healthcare has redefined the equipment and machinery that medical practitioners and staff need access to. Consequently, much attention and budget have shifted towards acquiring medical-grade computers (laptops, desktops, and tablets) that meet Health Canada’s ACS/IEC standards. However, for hospitals, clinics, and private practice physicians, nurses, and support staff to effectively use these tools, they require modern workstations. The former cannot function or exist without the latter. This is where Forsyth Healthcare comes in. 

As Canada’s preeminent supplier of clinical procedure carts, we have intimate knowledge of what healthcare facilities need today and tomorrow. Moreover, we ensure that medical supply procurement personnel can access premium quality workstations in a manner that suits their custom requirements. Below is a concise breakdown of why your medical facility should choose Forsyth when purchasing mobile workstations for healthcare environments.

Why Healthcare Facilities in Canada Choose Forsyth Healthcare for Their Mobile Workstation Needs

Mobile First

We’re borrowing a term from the digital environment to address the key benefit of Forsyth’s supply of workstations. The term “mobile first” (aka “mobile responsiveness”) is used to convey the necessity of websites and software applications to function properly on handheld devices. In the physical context within a medical facility, workstations need to be mobile in a literal sense. 

Simply put, you are searching for a medical laptop cart on wheels. However, there is nothing simple about this requirement. In a medical facility, workstation wheels must feature superior casters to ensure they hold up against fast-paced and at-time rigorous situations. Our brands feature premium casters, such as Harloff, which employs premium 5″ Tente® casters for mobile phlebotomy workstations. Mobility is further accentuated with adequately sized and sturdy push handles. In addition, you may desire premium aluminum construction (more on this below), which provides for lighter-weight (yet sturdy) workstations that can move more swiftly from room to room.

Premium Adjustable Work Surfaces

We have also handpicked brands that manufacture mobile workstations with superior pneumatic work surfaces that can be adjusted for user heights and ever-changing situations within a medical space. 

Superior Construction

As alluded to above, your computer systems may have been updated for modern patient care, but can the same be said for the construction of your workstations? 

Traditional workstations are manufactured from steel. While these may be ideally suited to some medical environments, standard steel workstations generally do not feature universal accessory mounting systems or typically include drawer divider sets. And as addressed under the “Mobile First” category above, they are heavy. These challenges are solved by the elite aluminum construction of workstations which are featured in the brand catalogues of Forsyth Healthcare. When you come to Forsyth, you have options.

Custom Solutions

Carrying over from the Forsyth Healthcare advantage above, we ensure that hospitals, clinics, and facilities have access to customizable options for their workstations. Our brands boast multiple drawer and drawer-slide set-ups, varying locking mechanisms, mounting accessories,  antimicrobial surfaces, protective bumpers, caster possibilities, and a full suite of other configurations and dimensions that account for your environment’s distinctive needs. There are even more than a dozen body colour options to accommodate the aesthetic of your interior spaces.

Assembly Options

Your physicians and staff members need to focus on patient care. Time spent reading instruction manuals to understand how to assemble workstations is time taken away from patients. In addition, any error in assemblage can render workstations ineffective and compromise functionality. Unless you employ maintenance or IT staff who are directly experienced in assembly, you’d be in a bit of a quandary had you not chosen to work with Forsyth Healthcare. 

As an option, we can take the burden of assembly off your shoulders. We are expert medical workstation professionals and can manage assembly correctly and efficiently. While there is an added cost, this added service provides peace of mind and will ultimately save you time and free you from related liability concerns.   

Contact Forsyth Healthcare to discuss mobile workstation solutions as they relate to your budget. We are here to answer any questions you may have and will find a solution that works for your unique needs.

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