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What Makes Metro Lifeline Crash Carts so Special


In an earlier article, we detailed the importance of crash carts in  medical settings. We discussed what they are, which types of facilities need them, and what to look for when choosing crash carts for your clinic or hospital. You can check out that article here

But in this post, however, let’s focus on one standout brand in Canada – Metro Lifeline crash carts. What makes Metro’s Lifeline crash carts so special? Let’s take a look.

Why Medical Facilities Across Canada Turn to Metro Lifeline Crash Carts for Improved Management and Patient Care

Simultaneous Access to Equipment and Meds

During emergencies, facilities often require multiple staff members to efficiently retrieve equipment and medications from a mobile storage station. Metro understands that every second counts, which is why their Lifeline crash carts can be customized to provide access from all sides. With drawers, compartments and key accessories positioned intelligently, attendants can swiftly act independently, accurately, and efficiently during a code.  

metro lifeline crash carts canada

Ergonomic Considerations for Attending Staff 

Hospital and clinic staff face a number of musculoskeletal concerns and overuse injuries to their hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and more as they attend to patient care. How a crash cart is organized and constructed matters, especially during an emergency when staff are moving more urgently and are less concerned about their personal well-being. Metro Lifeline carts are designed with an ergonomic handle and fifth-wheel steering system to ensure seamless mobility and flow from space to space. 

Additional high-quality features:

  1. Integrated oxygen tank bracket for additional exterior accessories.
  2. The top cavity tray allows immediate access to critical supplies without breaking the seal for the rest of the drawers.
  3. Cardiac board can be mounted to the front or back of the cart, increasing the amount of available space for other accessories.
  4. Tip out bins can be used to create extra storage in spaces where there are no other accessories.

metro lifeline crash carts squeeze trigger mobility feature

Enhanced Control with Squeeze Trigger Mobility

The bright red trigger activates the fifth-wheel steering system for enhanced control and maneuverability during a code. 

Swinging Defibrillator Arm Assembly 

Metro Lifeline crash carts feature a defibrillator arm assembly that swings away instantly, allowing easier access to controls and positioning closer to the patient. The strapless defibrillator platform also adjusts to fit different defibrillator models. They can also be easily removed if required.

Swinging Defibrillator Arm Assembly - metro lifeline carts

Locking Mechanism to Secure Compartments and Drawers

Once positioned around the patient, staff must ensure that crash cart components are accessible. This can be a challenge where there’s frequent movement around the patient needing emergency care. 

Tamper evident seals secure the top compartment, drawers and side bins. Drawers can be sealed in segments or one seal can secure the entire cart.

Essential Accessories

Metro Lifeline crash carts include the accessories that your staff needs to effectively treat patients without delay. The accessories include the following:

  • Extendable IV pole
  • Oxygen tank storage
  • Backboard
  • Suction pump shelf
  • Lockable sharps container
  • Hospital-grade outlet strip 

Metro Lifeline Code Carts - Superior Construction

Superior Construction

Metro Lifeline crash carts are built to last, and come in a variety of construction options which factor into ease of use, overall weight and durability. 

They’re made from polymers that are light (reducing weight and making the cart easier to push), durable (won’t scratch, dent or chip like metal carts), and infection control friendly (smooth surfaces and rounded corners are easier to easier to clean; Microban protection keeps the cart “cleaner between cleanings”). Also, there are three different heights available.

The construction options are structured for budget constraints as well.  

Moreover, when you get your Metro Lifeline crash carts through Forsyth Healthcare, you get  access to the best configuration options (cart size, drawers, accessories, casters), and we customize it according to the needs of staff and facility

“Lifeline; Designed for a Code, Not Adapted for One”

Start customizing your Metro Lifeline crash carts today with Forsyth Healthcare.

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