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Clinical procedure carts, also known as medical procedure carts, are used by physicians and healthcare staff for specific procedures. Anesthesia, emergency room, pediatric, and medical isolation carts are all under the umbrella of clinical procedure carts. Configuration, security, adaptability, maneuverability, and infection control are what we’ve found to be the most important factors for greater efficiency and optimal patient outcomes. 

Two prominent brands in Canada are Harloff and Metro. If you’re curious to learn which is best suited to the unique and current requirements of your hospital, private medical clinic, or other healthcare facility, read on below for a breakdown of key features and benefits of each brand (with examples) as they apply to their clinical procedure carts offering. Let’s go!

Comparison of Harloff and Metro Clinical Procedure Carts to Determine Which May be Best Suited to Your Medical Facility’s Current Needs

Harloff Clinical Procedure Carts Key Features and Benefits

Harloff Clinical Procedure Carts
Harloff Clinical Procedure Carts Key Features and Benefits

An important way to improve patient outcomes is to have all the supplies for patient needs in one well-organized procedure cart for efficient and effective application. Harloff is great in this regard because it offers a variety of specialized procedure cart configurations to fit any requirement. Key features include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • Removable antimicrobial plastic tops
  • Available in multiple cabinet sizes: 3 widths and 4 heights (most brands only have 2 sizes).
  • Available in multiple locking options
  • Available in both aluminum and steel
  • Customizable even for small quality purchases

Harloff’s M-Series allows you to choose the cart specifications to meet your requirements. For example, the M-Series tall medical equipment cart with height adjustable overhead shelves, six drawers, and a key lock is designed to hold a lightweight computer monitor, medical instruments, a printer or other light equipment and is available in 18(!) different colours to match the decor of your facility spaces. Meanwhile, their M-Series mini-width phlebotomy cart on wheels with five drawers and breakaway lock is available with an accessories package which includes tilt bins, a waste container with lid, and many other commonly desired accessories designed to help staff serve patient needs. View more on the nearly two dozen models of the Harloff M-Series, which are made available (and configurable) through Forsyth Healthcare in Canada. 

Harloff Clinical Procedure Carts - A Series

And then there’s the A-Series. It offers lightweight aluminum construction with unmatched visual appeal and extensive customization options. Moreover, the A-Series boasts self-closing drawers (which the M-Series doesn’t). In addition to the direct mobility and storage benefits, there are nuanced features that make a big difference in the A-Series. For instance, the tall wood-style drawer front cart with standard width, six drawers, and E-lock provides staff with optimal efficiency while the wood aesthetic can offer psychological benefits for patients, making them feel just a little bit more at-home and comfortable than they would in a typical medical environment. View more on the nearly two dozen models of the Harloff A-Series, which are made available (and configurable) through Forsyth Healthcare in Canada.

We often hear from clients how particularly impressed they are by the aluminum construction A-Series.

The Harloff line of configurable clinical procedure carts is expansive, to say the least, and the list of features and benefits is just as extensive, whether considering the A-Series and M-Series or the ETC line, which offers compact carts for bedside use in clinics, doctor’s offices, and even veterinary clinics. You can now configure both series of carts online.

Contact Forsyth Healthcare Canada today to learn more about Harloff clinical procedure carts.

*Harloff carts ship to Canada from the USA, which increases the cost of shipping.

Metro Procedure Carts Key Features and Benefits

Metro clinical procedure carts also offer a specialized, customizable, and accessory-rich solution to keep materials organized for storage and transport. And when we say “accessory-rich,” we mean it! Metro’s carts include everything from overhead bin storage systems and IV poles to additional side storage, medical waste bins, and much, much, more. Here are the standard features that make Metro Carts a standout in the market:

1. Polymer construction: Lightweight, easy to move.
2. Highly durable: Will not dent or chip as painted metal carts will.
3. Easy to clean: Carts have rounded corners, minimal seams and Microban protection built into the material so it will not wear off.
4. Adaptability: The majority of accessories do not need tools to mount or adjust. Carts can easily be reconfigured on-site, even the drawers and their handles.
5. Modern aesthetic: The design of metal carts has not changed in decades.

Metro procedure carts are also available in helpful and intuitively pre-configured designs that are based on the needs associated with specific procedures, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and Malignant Hyperthermia.  

Metro Clinical Procedure Carts

The Metro Starsys Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Cart is a shining example from the brand’s fleet of stand-out clinical procedure carts. This cart makes life easy by ensuring  that critical supplies are immediately accessible for both routine ECMO care and emergencies. The tall Starsys ECMO cart provides high-density storage that can be staged in or outside of a patient’s room for quick and easy access to items needed to support the patient. Supplies can be stored behind the door of this enclosed cart preventing loss and reducing risk of contamination, but helpfully remain visible through the door so that staff can quickly identify what they need. In terms of mobility, the handle and easy rolling casters provide for quiet and seamless movement in patient care environments. The Starsys ECMO cart enables staff to have a dedicated “situation ready” cart that is prepared and organized ahead of time while remaining ready for instant use. View more on Metro Starsys carts which are made available through Forsyth Healthcare in Canada.

Another of our favourite examples is the Metro Flexline Procedure Cart with Electronic Touchpad. Available in flexible options including WiFi-enabled and designed for YOUR clinic, this cart offers Microban antimicrobial product protection and self-closing drawers to accommodate exactly what’s needed for storage and transport. View more on the half-dozen Metro Flexline carts which are made available through Forsyth Healthcare in Canada.

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*Metro carts ship from Canada, which reduces the cost of shipping.

Why Choose Forsyth Healthcare for Your Clinical Procedure Carts Purchase

We hope that the above comparison between Harloff and Metro has helped advance your deliberations on which brand might provide optimal solutions for your facility. Of course, we know you’ll likely have more questions and concerns about shipping, customization, and budgetary considerations. This is where Forsyth Healthcare aims to make things easier for clients when it comes to procurement of essential medical carts. We’re here to take the guesswork and hard work (assembly, etc.) off of your hands so that you can put equipment and supplies to immediate use to the benefit of your staff and patients.

We’re happy to chat anytime. Contact us today.

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