An endoscopy is a vital medical procedure where doctors utilize a slender tube known as an endoscope to visually inspect the interior of a patient’s body and capture images of internal structures. Equipped with a small light and camera at its tip, the endoscope is delicately inserted into the body until it reaches the targeted area of interest. The camera captures detailed images, which are then displayed on a screen, allowing the doctor to closely examine and assess the patient’s condition.

It is critical to safely and securely store endoscopes in an enclosed environment to guard against contamination and interference. However, this “under lock and key” approach must not compromise accessibility and usability for healthcare facility staff. Procurement professionals are constantly seeking flexible endoscope storage cabinets that can meet all the unique needs of their staff, facility, and patients alike.

As Canada’s trusted provider of meticulously crafted hospital and private medical clinic storage solutions, Forsyth Healthcare is uniquely positioned to offer informed recommendations for endoscope storage. With our unparalleled insight and expertise, we ensure that our recommendations prioritize functionality, reliability, and efficiency without unnecessary frills.

Safe, Secure, and Flexible Use Endoscope Storage Cabinets That Hospitals and Medical Facilities (and staff) in Canada Can Trust

Harloff SureDry Scope Cabinets 

Standard SureDry Scope Drying Cabinets

Harloff is a leading manufacturer of carts, cabinets and storage solutions for hospitals and a wide range of clinical settings. They may very well be best known for their endoscope storage due to the flexibility in configuration and sheer number of options found in their Standard SureDry Scope Cabinet line. Standard SureDry Scope Cabinets feature the best positive pressure HEPA filtered drying system, with intake and exhaust fans that create a fully redundant circulation system. The enclosed cabinet’s push/pull design generates a vortex of air that flows through the cabinet to promote maximum drying. Fan run time can be adjusted with ease, while HEPA filters removing 99.7% of particulates before entering the cabinet.

Their lineup features 17 different Standard SureDry Scope Drying Cabinet options available to healthcare providers, including:

  • High Volume 16-Scope Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • High Volume 16-Scope Drying Cabinet with E Lock
  • High Volume 16-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • High Volume 16-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with E Lock
  • 14-Scope Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 14-Scope Drying Cabinet with E Lock
  • 14-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 14-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with E Lock
  • 10-Scope Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 10-Scope Drying Cabinet with E Lock
  • 10-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 10-Scope Stainless Steel Drying Cabinet with E Lock 
  • 10-Scope Pass Through Scope Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 14-Cystoscope Storage Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 5 Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) Probe Storage Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 16-Scope Bronchoscopy Stainless Steel Cabinet with Key Lock
  • 8-Small Scope Storage with Endoscope Cabinet Drying with Key Lock
  • 8-Small Scope Storage with Endoscope Cabinet Drying with Key Lock

As you can tell, it’s no exaggeration to say that Harloff Standard SureDry provides one of the most adaptable solutions for endoscope storage cabinets in Canada. 

And that’s not all. Read on to learn more.

SureDry Scope Cabinets with Dri-Scope Aid

Building on their impressive Standard SureDry line, Harloff has evolved to offer an even better drying system for their endoscope storage cabinets. Dri-Scope Aid is an internal lumen drying system that works together with the aforementioned external HEPA filtered positive pressure drying system. Further, the cabinets are optimized for infection prevention, which can help enable more optimal patient outcomes. Like with Standard SureDry, Dri-Scope Aid has 17 different options to provide flexibility in volume of scopes, locking mechanisms, and stainless steel options. Additionally, the non stainless steel cabinets come in 18 color varieties which makes them ideal for private clinic interior design considerations and branding.

Contact Forsyth Healthcare to discuss Harloff endoscope cabinet configurations that are best suited to your facility, staff, and patients.

InnerSpace Scope Cabinets & Carts

InnerSpace is another leading healthcare storage solutions provider that we trust to outfit hospitals and clinics with medical carts and cabinets that are tailored to distinct needs. Their endoscope storage solutions have been thoughtfully designed and manufactured to secure and organize endoscopes while keeping them dry and sanitized for immediate use. Their scope carts and cabinets are available in a variety of common heights and widths to accommodate varying spatial and usage dimensions. 

Stationary Cabinets for Endoscopy

InnerSpace has a well-crafted suite of stationary enclosed endoscope storage cabinets.

Their deep scope cabinets are preconfigured to hold a range of scope quantities: 5 or 10, 8 or 16, and 9 or 18. Each is vented on the top and bottom and have padded back walls for added protection. As with the mobile carts, they feature removable drip trays, adjustable scope managers, and cord retainers. 

The below options allow for crucial flexibility:

  • Three types of material options (including stainless steel)
  • Three different cabinets heights and widths
  • Single and double scope cues
  • Four types of hinged doors (including solid and glass)
  • Five port drying and tracking unit (includes fan unit) for the 5 or 10 unit option.
  • Available security and automation upgrade (lock and barcode scanner)

InnerSpace’s scope drying and tracking cabinets are easy-to-operate, continuously filtering air into internal scope channels to efficiently and thoroughly dry scopes and feature timed drying and venting cycles. HEPA filtered air removes 99.9% retention rate of particles less than 0.1µm. The system works with all majorendoscope brands. InnerSpace’s scope drying and tracking cabinets offer essentially the same flexibility as their standard deep scope cabinets (above), and also include the following:

  • Scope drying and tracking
  • Fan ventilation (HEPA filtered air removes 99.9% of particles less than 0.1µm)
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • 4-inch high toe kick.
  • 10-inch touchscreen

Roam 2 Scope Cart

InnerSpace’s Roam 2 Scope Cart is a mobile enclosed endoscope storage cabinet. It holds 8 endoscopes up to 60-inches in length. The cabinet features tempered glass doors, a protective cushioned back panel, a vented top, and removable drip tray. A scope management system complete with cord retainers keeps scopes organized and elevated off the cabinet floor. As the name “Roam” infers, mobility is what sets this product line apart. The case is built from lightweight aluminum, and the cart features an integrated bumper, easy-grip vertical aluminum handles, and lockable 5-inch medical-grade casters. Together these features make for a truly superior mobile experience.

Added flexibility is found via the following options:

  • Four locking types (no lock, key lock, InterConnect lock, and InterConnect lock with ProX upgrade)
  • Seven color types
  • Two drying options (ambient air and fan ventilation with HEPA filter)

Contact Forsyth Healthcare to discuss InnerSpace endoscope cabinet options that are best suited to your facility, staff, and patients.

Our team is here to make things easy for you. Reach out with any questions about endoscope storage cabinets or anything else carts and storage, and our team will be more than happy to help you.

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