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Maximizing corner space…


Corners can be a challenge in any room when designing a storage layout. If wire shelf units overlap in a corner, you impede access to part of the shelf unit. If you position shelf units post-to-post so there is no overlap you create a dead space in that corner.

On a typical 24″D shelf unit with five tiers that dead space amounts to 20 square feet of potential storage area that’s left unused. So, what options are available to help make this space utilizable?

5-sided corner shelves

A 5-sided unit we recently installed in a clean supply room.

The 5-sided design eliminates having a post right in the middle and provides excellent access. These are an excellent option for larger items and boxes & are best used when adjacent shelf units are either 18″ or 24″ in depth.

SmartCell corner baskets

In addition to their standard fine mesh baskets, SmartCell now offers a corner basket for wall mount applications. The fine mesh on these baskets make them ideal storing smaller med/surg types of items.

These come in both 12″ & 18″ depths. Because of their design there is less opportunity to divide these baskets up intricately. We’ve found these to be a great spot to store bulkier items.

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