Makeover: clean supply room edition


We were recently engaged to help clean up a clean supply room in Kamloops. In its original state the supply room was a collection of old painted metal shelving and corrugated cardboard bins. Products were not organized nor was the space optimized.

After discussing their needs, the clinic decided to go with our premium basket shelf system, Metro qwikSIGHT. This system differentiates itself from other basket shelf systems in two ways.

Over the course of about a year, we’d do one or two sections at time as the budget would permit. Check out some before & after pictures:

By replacing the old metal and wood shelving, not only did we increase overall capacity & organization we helped create a greatly improved working environment.

Replacing these units has been nothing less than positive. This is not only to do with the replacement to bring the facility up to speed but the positive effect on the human aspect as well.

This room is now bright and product is distinctly visible which not only makes their job easier, but has definitively given a positive psychological aspect to this area.

Janet Hunter, Kamloops Home Health

Feedback like this from the actual people that our solutions help fuel what we do.

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