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Why Choose Lifeline for Your Crash Cart over a Customized Procedure Cart in Emergency Situations


In the fast-paced world of healthcare facilities, the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response tools, especially crash carts, are absolutely critical. While the right accessories can transform any procedure cart into a fully-equipped crash cart for emergency situations, what makes dedicated crash carts truly valuable is their design.  Not all crash carts are made equal.

Over the last decade, Forsyth Healthcare has constructed and customized many crash carts in BC and Alberta facilities, including Royal Columbian and Penticton Regional Hospital. Here’s what we think sets a purpose-built crash cart like Metro’s Lifeline apart from the competition.

3 Characteristics that are Unique to Lifeline Crash Carts

Maneuverability (Built for the Rush)

Lifeline crash carts are purpose-built for emergency codes, engineered with features that make them instantly recognizable, grabbable, and ready to go. Maneuverability is crucial for crash carts, ensuring they can be swiftly and effortlessly moved along their intended path. Two key factors determine a cart’s maneuverability.

The most modern carts are crafted from lightweight polymers or aluminum, a significant departure from traditional steel carts. The contrast in weight is striking – lighter carts are noticeably easier to maneuver, making them a breeze to push around.

But the advantages of polymer-built carts, such as Lifeline, extend beyond weight. They’re exceptionally durable, capable of withstanding some rough handling without denting, scratching, or chipping like their metal counterparts would. So not only are they easier to handle, but they also offer long-lasting performance, ensuring they’re ready to tackle emergencies with reliability and resilience.

When it comes to maneuverability, casters and steering components play a crucial role, and the fifth wheel steering assist takes it to the next level. Exclusive to Metro Lifeline carts, this innovative feature is engaged simply by gripping the cart handle, preventing any drifting during travel. It ensures smooth, straight navigation, even around corners. And the best part? Releasing the handle instantly restores full maneuverability, providing effortless control exactly when you need it. With this advanced steering technology, Lifeline carts offer unparalleled ease of movement, making emergency response smoother and more efficient than ever.

Total lock casters on both sides of the front of a Lifeline cart allow any team member to lock the cart in place from either side. 

Pro tip: this feature is available with any brand of cart if you ask for it.

Unique Customization Options

Lifeline offers three unique customization options that set it apart from any other cart on the market:

  1. Recessed Top Storage. Lifeline carts feature a recessed top storage area equipped with a clear, removable cover. This design allows staff members to quickly access airway equipment or first-line medications without obstructing access to the drawers. Even more convenient, the cover hinges and hangs off the back of the cart when open, preventing it from being misplaced or damaged.
  2. Dual Backboard Mounting Options. Lifeline carts offer the unique feature of being able to mount a backboard on both the back and the front of the cart. Back mounting is ideal for specific applications, such as in a trauma area, where it keeps the backboard out of the way. On the other hand, mounting the backboard on the front can serve as a helpful reminder in situations where a bed may not be designed to support compressions, ensuring proper protocol adherence.
  3. Tip-Out Storage Bin Integration. Lifeline carts offer the innovative option of adding tip-out storage bins to available space on the side of the cart. These bins can be seamlessly tied into the cart’s main security seal locking system, ensuring secure storage for additional supplies or equipment while maintaining accessibility and organization.

Simultaneous Access

During a code, it’s crucial for supplies to be readily accessible to different members of the response team without any delays. While a procedure cart accessorized for a code can facilitate this to some extent, Lifeline carts elevate simultaneous access to a whole new level.

In the midst of a code, efficiency is key. With Lifeline carts, accessing crucial supplies is a seamless process. PPE gear and IV bags are easily retrieved from the convenient tip-out storage located on the side of the cart, while first-line medications are readily available in the top cavity tray. Meanwhile, the respiratory team can quickly access their necessary supplies from the front of the cart. This intuitive design ensures that every member of the response team can retrieve what they need without delay, contributing to smoother and more effective code management.

Moreover, Lifeline’s defibrillator tray offers more than just storage—it’s designed to rotate and extend with multiple points of articulation, allowing for optimal positioning closer to the patient. Its innovative tension mount ensures easy removal of the defibrillator without the hassle of dealing with straps. This user-friendly design streamlines the process, ensuring that critical equipment is readily accessible when needed most.

Bonus Points

Organizational Efficiency

The exceptional organizational efficiency of Lifeline crash carts ensures that medical personnel can swiftly locate the required supplies without any delays. In contrast, procedure carts, even when customized for codes, may fall short in providing the intuitive organization needed for high-stress patient care scenarios. With Lifeline crash carts, you can trust that every second counts, and every item is exactly where it needs to be for efficient and effective emergency response.

Enhanced Security Features

The locking mechanism on Lifeline crash carts is designed to secure the top compartment, drawers, and side bins effectively. This versatile system allows for sealing in segments or securing everything with just one seal. Whether you need to protect specific compartments individually or prefer a comprehensive approach, Lifeline carts offer the flexibility and security you need to safeguard your valuable supplies and equipment.

At Forsyth Healthcare, we have a deep expertise in selecting carts that meet the needs of individual departments as well as their budgets. We take the guesswork out of cart selection by first hearing from your staff and learning about practical needs. 

Contact us to discuss crash cart solutions and more. We are here to answer your questions and will find a solution that works for your unique needs.

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