Hospitals, private clinics, and other medical facilities depend upon equipment to effectively enable physicians, nurses, and staff to provide optimal patient care. Mobile workstations and medication management systems along with crash carts, procedure carts, equipment carts, isolation carts, and MRI-compatible carts are instrumental in this, but there are other categories that cannot be pinpointed quite so easily. These are commonly known in the medical supply field as specialty carts. They are often curated for casting and splinting, malignant hyperthermia, IntraOcular lens storage, pediatric care, and suturing, but there are other uses that may apply to this classification. 

Nearly all medical facilities require some form of specialty carts. However, the diversity of needs, staffing, and budgets correctly infers that no singular solution will do. This is where Forsyth Healthcare comes into the picture. We have carefully handpicked manufacturers of specialty carts to suit the requirements of hospitals and clinics across Canada. You may connect to a Forsyth representative right away to discuss your needs right here or read below for brand comparisons.

Cost-Benefit Comparison of Specialty Carts for Medical Facilities of Varying Budgets and Requirements 2023


Specialty Carts - Metro

Metro’s product line is among the best-reviewed in Canada, and the verdict is the same for their specialty carts. While priced higher, they offer premium convenience and effectiveness for staff and patients alike. 

Premium Configuration

The Metro Starsys series serves as an excellent example for the entire line of specialty carts. The Starsys line is analogous to modular storage and transport. They are designed to be a fully-integrated and fully-adaptable system based on single, double, and triple-wide configurations. Specialty units are available as open shelving, open carts, or as enclosed storage or transport units. These basic modules can be configured quickly and easily with interchangeable system components. For instance, hinged doors are available in multiple heights and with locking or non-locking features. In addition, specialty accessories are available to properly store supplies, while the system design provides special access for kneeholes and other special requirements. Collectively, everything above allows administrators and staff to create room layouts and configure alternative scenarios to effectively leverage facility space for optimal patient outcomes. 

Premium Construction

Configuration functions aren’t the only thing that is superior to most models on the Canadian market. Metro specialty carts’ polymer construction abates denting, chipping, rusting, and corroding risk. Moreover, countertop materials, including laminates, solid surfaces, and stainless steel, are available to accommodate your particular environment. 

Premium Cleaning

Metro specialty carts incorporate key elements in product design to support a facility’s critical cleaning protocols. These include the following:

  • Microban® antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria 
  • Advanced polymer and proprietary finishes provide corrosion resistance 
  • Cart corners are rounded smooth for easier cleaning 

Premium Aesthetics

Visually appealing design of equipment is important, especially for private clinics. It is important for clinic branding, but also implies a sense of professionalism and cleanliness of a medical facility. Metro’s specialty carts have been thoughtfully designed to consider aesthetics, delivering all of the other premium features listed above without sacrificing visual appeal. 

Premium Securement and Security

Specialty Carts for Medical Facilities Cost Benefit Analysis Canada

Metro specialty carts offer industry-leading parts and accessories securement for optimal patient outcomes and protection from malicious intent. These features include the following:

  • Passive locking with plastic seals to provide visual security without compromising access
  • Keylocks that only allow authorized user access 
  • Electronic locks with optional upgrades that include audit tracking, access reports, and card reader entry.


It’s hard to top Metro specialty carts when it comes to all key criteria, but the “complete package” does come at a premium, and may also require more dedicated knowledge and experience for immediate integration into a medical environment. This is not necessary for all clinics given budgetary and staffing constraints. That being said, as the person charged with procurement you have no intention of sacrificing flexibility and quality. For you, Harloff specialty carts could be a  solution. Read below for a succinct breakdown of this mid-market yet highly flexible option.


Specialty Carts for Medical Facilities Cost Benefit Analysis Canada

Flexibility Found in Specialization

Medical facilities operating with a mid-level budget desire dedicated specialty carts as a part of their flexible network of equipment to serve patients. Harloff shines best in this capacity as their specialty carts are distinctly tailored to special requirements.

For example, Harloff’s MR-Conditional carts are independently tested to meet ASTM International definition of MR-Conditional for safe use in MRI environments of 3-Tesla or less. Meanwhile, their Malignant Hyperthermia carts comply with Best Practices by keeping all supplies needed for treating MH in one place and at the proper temperature.

Harloff’s casting and splinting carts provide a convenient way to store instruments and supplies for the treatment of strains, sprains and fractures while their pediatric medical carts employ a multi-coloured drawer labelling system for storing children’s medical supplies. 

In offering carts that are explicitly designed for casting and splinting, malignant hyperthermia, IntraOcular lens storage, pediatric care, suturing, and more, Harloff is able to offer the flexibility you need without having to over-customize and over-accessorize the carts.

Flexibility Without Sacrificing Superior Construction

Procurement personnel may be concerned about sacrificing quality when purchasing mid-level carts, but make no bones about it – Harloff does not cut corners in construction. For example, their Suture Cart features 20-gauge powder-coated steel with steel-framed acrylic doors and is backed by a 12-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on shipments to and within Canada. As another example, look to their Deluxe Cast cart, which features a sturdy stainless steel folding side shelf, side storage cabinet, bucket holder, and 5” ball-bearing casters and corner bumpers to protect the cart.

Flexibility (and Sophistication) in Aesthetics

Specialty Carts for Medical Facilities Cost Benefit Analysis Canada - Harloff

Harloff specialty carts are not only designed for visual appeal, but they also offer the widest range of colour options on the market in Canada. Their Malignant Hyperthermia Treatment Cart, for example, comes available in 18 colours while their IntraOcular Lens storage cart comes available in over 20 colour options. Harloff is also one of the only specialty cart manufacturers to offer furniture-style carts that are significantly more aesthetically comforting to patients.


You’ll love Harloff carts for their innate specialization and unmatched visual design flexibility. Their products are also reasonably flexible in drawer configurations and they offer the security features (locking systems) that you expect from a major contender in the medical supplies market. However, if your hospital, clinic, or facility is on an especially tight budget for the period, InnerSpace has been extremely popular with its affordable pricing and fast lead times. See the details on Innerspace carts below.


Specialty Carts for Medical Facilities Cost Benefit Analysis Canada - InnerSpace Roam

Preconfigured for Cost and Convenience

Don’t have the time to be concerned with custom configurations? Does your staff need to use your new specialty carts immediately upon arrival and assembly? InnerSpace’s Roam series includes specialty medical carts that are pre-configured to address the specific storage needs of departments throughout your healthcare facility. Suture carts, scope carts, catheter carts, and ECP carts provide excellent functionality. 

Preconfigured Yet Adjustable

There’s a misnomer that pre-configuration locks users into one system. Roam leaves room for your staff to adjust shelving as necessary. For example, the Roam Open Suture Cart features 8 adjustable shelves on each side of the cart. Their Closed Suture Cart which is accessible from the front and back provides a flexible, has a reconfigurable system for trays, shelves, and baskets while slatted side panels accommodate a variety of accessories.

Dependable Construction

A low buy-in doesn’t come at the expense of dependability when it comes to the InnerSpace Roam series. The Open Suture Cart referenced above is encased in lightweight yet sturdy aluminum and features a durable bumper and lockable 5-inch medical-grade casters. The Closed Suture Cart has two trusty sets of tempered glass doors and each shelf holds nine suture boxes that can manage a load of up to 15 pounds. Added features and benefits of InnerSpace Carts:

  1. Roam cabinets and carts feature InnerSpace’s AireCore construction. This includes infection-prevention measures such as being resistant to water, chemicals & corrosion.  AireCore provides the rigidity of metal without dings or scratches.
  1. Pace carts feature anti-microbial top worksurfaces and minimal seams for improved cleaning.

Simple, Professional Aesthetic

A lot of the time added cost comes from aesthetic enhancements. While this may be important in a variety of private practice settings, it’s certainly not a critical feature. The InnerSpace Roam series understands this better than any and cuts away the unnecessary bells and whistles to deliver a clean and simple aesthetic that conveys professionalism and sanitary appeal, which is very important to hospitals and several specialized facilities.


The InnerSpace Roam series of specialty carts are reconfigured to offer optimal convenience at an affordable price point. Let’s talk about customizing your new specialty cart/s today. Contact Forsyth Healthcare to begin with a friendly non-committal conversation about your budget and needs.

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