Surgical Case Carts You Need for Enhanced Patient Care


Surgical case carts are designed to keep medical instruments and supplies clean and well-organized for surgical procedures. Staff and physicians within hospitals, clinics, and private practices depend upon them for enhanced patient care. Moreover, they are essential to inventory management and overall efficiency within a facility. 

Given the importance, operating room and medical device reprocessing staff are careful in selecting which surgical case carts to include in their next round of medical supply procurement. This is where Forsyth Healthcare comes in. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing suppliers of clinical storage solutions, we have made it our business to deliver the best on the market. Let’s review.

3 Reasons Why Canadian Hospitals, Clinics, and Private Practices Turn to Forsyth Healthcare for Surgical Case Carts

1. Handpicked Surgical Case Cart Brands

There are a number of pain-points that have been expressed by hospitals and private practices in search of a better surgical case cart solution. Issues they’ve had with other suppliers’ products are detailed below.

Common Complaints with Other Suppliers’ Medical Carts

i) Carts are too heavy

Medical staff must be able to move carts around a facility so they can improve patient outcomes. Traditional metal carts that are still offered by some suppliers are too heavy for staff to push and pull as required, which can lower staff satisfaction and workplace injury. Modern options are lightweight and often made of a combination of stainless steel and polymers. If reduced weight and greater mobility are features you are looking for, polymers carts with polycarbonate doors offer visibility and are lighter than stainless steel.

ii) Carts are hard to push

Another thing that makes carts hard to pull/push (beyond weight) is poor wheeling systems. The culprits are old casters as they experience friction at the axle wheel, swivel, and ground wheel.  Modern Revolve™ casters (view specs) solve this by utilizing technology and engineered thermoplastic materials that reduce friction. We also like the 5th wheel steering feature on Metro’s new CaseVue case carts (view specs).

iii) Carts do not dry efficiently

Moisture collects bacteria, so carts that don’t dry and trap water efficiently are problematic. The issue is typically found with some carts that have areas that trap water. Modern options have a stainless post and shelf components that are explicitly linear to ensure there are no uneven levels, dents, or ingresses that confine or corner moisture. 

iv) Carts are difficult to unload

Medical staff need to move studiously, so when something disrupts their flow-state patient outcomes are placed at risk. A cart that is difficult to unload is unacceptable. Closed cases must have doors that open with ease, and roll-out features that must not “stick”. Roll out shelves help make unloading carts easier and safer because they can see what they’re unloading instead of reaching blindly under a shelf that doesn’t move.

Understanding these pain-points, Forsyth Healthcare has partnered with manufacturers that solve all of the above. Below are a couple surgical case cart brands we have handpicked, but we also do custom case cart fabrication:

  • Pedigo Case Carts
  • Metro Case Carts
  • Custom Fabrication by Forsyth Healthcare 

Surgical Case Carts for Sale Canada - Casters

View more on these trusted brands, or keep reading for more insight into why your practice should work with Forsyth Healthcare.

2. Custom Solutions for Custom Challenges

No hospital, clinic, or private practice is the same. Square footage, staffing, medical procedures and services, regulations, and patient makeup varies from one facility to the next. Surgical carts solutions must be adaptable to each. In partnering with key manufacturers and employing our dedicated level of service Forsyth Healthcare is able to offer truly custom solutions. Here are two customizations that we have done recently for BC Hospitals:

  • customizing shelf sizes to properly fit supplies, equipment and instrument trays.
  • measuring cart washer chambers and adjusting overall cart dimensions to maximize efficiency. In one hospital, Forsyth was able to fit three carts in their washer per load instead of two simply by working with the manufacturer to decrease the overall external size by 1 inch. That increased the efficiency of their wash cycles by 33%.

Pro tip: Closed carts can be off-the-shelf or custom-built to your desired specifications. Options include models with clear doors, stainless steel construction, cool touch antimicrobial wide grip handles, security door latches, picklist/paper holders, door catchers, rotating biohazard indicators and much more.

Do you need carts for tight spaces in a small clinic? We have carts that are just 23-inches in width all the way up to more robust models that are over 80-inches wide and 71-inches in height. When you work with Forsyth, we provide a thorough selection and design process so you get the right solution for your space. 

3. Assembly Available

Allow your staff to stay focused on patient care. The team at Forsyth can provide a turnkey service that takes care of unpacking and putting carts into service quickly. Our expert team has helped several large healthcare facilities across British Columbia, including BC Cancer, Royal Columbian and Vancouver General Hospital.

View more on surgical case carts for sale in Canada through Forsyth Healthcare. If you have any questions about available products, prices, shipping, and added service, please contact us at your convenience.

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