How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Clinic


Compared to hospitals, private or external healthcare clinics (e.g. community clinics, renal clinics, urgent care clinics, etc.) have significantly less interior square footage and have a smaller pool of staff. While appointment calendar management and savvy staff scheduling ensure that spaces within a clinic allow for optimal personnel and patient flow, there is one challenge we continuously hear about administrators facing – storage capacity. 

Storage requirements for small clinics typically grow as new patents enter the fold. The practical reality is that Canada’s population has really grown in a short period of time with new immigration rules; hence, more people go to individual clinics for care. Hardcopy records and new medications (as applicable) along with additional equipment and supplies used to optimize care consume much of the available space. If your clinic offers new procedures and services, space is constrained even more. If you want to add another revenue stream by retailing healthcare products, you’ll then have inventory to contend with. When a renovation for expansion is out of the question, you’ll be searching for ways to maximize storage space in your small clinic environment. 

This is where creating a custom “package” of innovative storage solutions can make a world of difference. The right package will accommodate your limited space and more importantly – make life easier for staff! Here’s how Forsyth Healthcare can help make that happen.

4 Innovative and Effective Ways to Maximize Storage for Productivity in a Medical Clinic with Limited Space

1. Optimizing Shelf Spacing

Height-adjustable shelves are critical to any clinic with floor space that can’t accommodate wide high-density storage systems (which everyone hates). Instead of adding more footprint in an already tight space, we can leverage the space above an existing shelf unit.

For example, the Metro (which is sold in Canada through Forsyth) Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelving is the most advanced and innovative wire storage system available. It features a unique corner release system and SiteSelect Posts that make raising shelf levels fast and easy for staff, with no tools needed, ever. You could also consider free-standing supply basket shelving units, which are available in single and double-sided configurations. Double-sided configurations can double storage capacity for small items without consuming additional floor space. Their adjustable angle baskets are easily repositioned by staff for instant access and optimal ergonomics.

Explore the innovative possibilities of height-extending units available through Forsyth Healthcare:

how to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Medical Clinic - Adjustable

2. Consolidate and Condense Small Supplies

Small supplies seem like a small concern (at first), but they quickly turn into the biggest burden because they are harder to organize and retrieve when needed. And we know that staff will often store “smalls” all over the clinic, which can be confusing to anyone who isn’t informed about placement. In our experience, 75% of small supplies do not fit well on a standard wire shelf, and instead need some sort of secondary container that sits on that shelf.

Consider using storage containers and dispensers like: 

i) dividable storage boxes,

ii) small storage bins,

iii) tip-out bins, in addition to

iv) storage and dispenser solutions (for personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies).

Alternatively, supply basket shelving units (detailed above) may be preferred for your clinic. They offer high capacity (30-40% more capacity when compared to plastic storage bins), visibility, and provision for easy access to supplies without the need for storage containers like plastic bins. 

3. Mobile Storage Innovations 

How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Healthcare

If you need to store medications and supplies but are short on space, mobile storage solutions are the way to go. They allow you to bring items to where your staff needs them, when they need them, without having to unload these items from a shelf to the mobile unit. This saves time and effort. Furthermore, mobile units can be moved from one room to the next as space becomes available during those unexpectedly busy moments of the day. This recent comparison of specialty medical carts features mobile storage solutions that could be ideal for your practitioners and other on-site personnel.

4. Install Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets and cantilever shelves can be installed above work spaces taking advantage of any empty space. For those spaces requiring security, cabinets can be locked to ensure storage with confidence. In addition to a reduced physical footprint, which allows staff to flow more freely in the workspace, team-members will appreciate the ergonomic potential. Cabinets can be built-in based upon staff height specifications, allowing them to retrieve items and work without compromising posture.

Wall cabinets can be configured based on both clinic requirements and staff preferences, including custom sizing, surface finishing, and IT compatibility. Locking mechanisms can also be configured to accommodate preferences. The brands Forsyth Healthcare carries feature key locks, push button locks, programmable digital locks, and contactless proximity cards.

Smaller sizes of supply basket shelves such as qwikSIGHT and SmartCell can be mounted directly to walls for fast and easy access for supplies. Tip out bins allow for quick content identification and close securely for dust protection.

How to Maximize Storage Space in a Small Medical Clinic


Managing private clinic storage spaces can be a challenge due to limited storage space and budget constraints. Forsyth Healthcare is here to help you and your staff through these challenges with custom options that can be configured to your environment. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the Forsyth difference.

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